Drills with servo support

Drill Code: TOYO245

The TOYO245 drill offers incomparable operating stability, thanks to a wide range of drilling angles.  The servo support absorbs the majority of the vibrations, making the machine easy and comfortable to use, even after many hours of work.

The controls are located on the rear head, allowing the operator to control the drill easily and quickly.

The lubrication system is completely automatic, reducing waste and speeding up work.

Technical Specification

 Weight  26 kg
 Length Overall  660 mm
 Piston Stroke  68 mm
 Piston Dia 66.7 mm
 Aria cons. m3/min  at 5 bar 2.7
 Shank 22 x 108

Drill Code: TOYO285

The TOYO285 is the best machine for rapid drilling operations, irrespective of the type of rock.  Each individual component is made from top quality raw materials and designed to maintain its characteristics throughout a long working life.  Drill and servo support are well balanced to minimise kick-back during operation.

The exhaust deflector can be positioned in any direction to make the operator’s work as comfortable as possible. The external components of the drill are made from ultra-rigid hard steel. Internal components are constantly lubricated to prolong the working life and efficiency of the machine.

Technical Specification

 Weight 31 kg
 Length Overall 675 mm
 Piston Stroke 68 mm
 Piston Dia 76.2 mm
 Aria cons. m3/min  at 5 bar 3.5
 Shank 22 x 108

Drill Code: TOYO855

The TOYO855 drill has a medium servo support and high rate of penetration. Balance between the bit and servo support is perfect, minimising kick-back during use.

The exhaust deflector is made from synthetic rubber to minimise the acoustic pollution caused by drilling.  The complete constant lubrication system considerably prolongs the life of the various components.

Top quality materials and unbeatable performance.  

Technical Specification

 Weight 27 kg
 Length Overall 615 mm
 Piston Stroke 60 mm
 Piston Dia 85 mm
 Aria cons. m3/min  at 5 bar 3.5
 Shank 22 x 108

Servo Support

Technical Specification

Compatibility TOYO165 TOYO245 TOYO285 TOYO855
Weight 12 kg 12 kg 15.2 kg 13 kg
Length 1395 mm 1395 mm 1750 mm 1530 mm
Length(extended) 2360 mm 2360 mm 2960 mm 2530 mm
Feed Length 965 mm 965 mm 1210 mm 1000 mm
Feed cylinder Dia 57 mm 57 mm 62 mm 65 mm