Hand drills

Drill Code: TOYO16

Light manoeuvrable hand drill, excellent when the support base is limited.

The various components are heat treated to reduce the effects of wear to a minimum.

Small parts are made from top quality phosphor bronze and the bit is available in two different lengths:  83 mm and 108 mm.

Technical Specification

Weight 17 kg
Length Overall 580 mm
Piston Stroke 55 mm
Piston Dia 60 mm
Aria cons. m^3/min at 5 bar  2.1
Shank  22 x 108

Drill Code: TOYO24

The TOYO24 drill is specifically designed to drill long holes up to about 6 m.

The TOYO24 has a powerful rinsing mechanism.

It is heat treated and chromed externally and internally and the complete drill lubrication system guarantees efficient cost-effective performance.

Technical Specification

Weight 24 kg
Length Overall  610 mm
Piston Stroke 68 mm
Piston Dia 66.7 mm
Aria cons. m^3/min at 5 bar  2.7
Shank  22 x 108

Drill Code: TOYO62

The TOYO62 is the smallest and lightest of the hand drills.

Simple to use and perfect for all types of work.  It combines advantages such as high drilling performance and low air consumption, thanks to the well-balanced direct flow valve.

Each component of the TOYO62 has a tough chrome coating and some, including the piston nut, are made from phosphor bronze.

Technical Specification

Weight 13 kg
Length Overall  495 mm
Piston Stroke 37 mm
Piston Dia 62 mm
Aria cons. m^3/min at 5 bar  1.9
Shank  22 x 108